International Links

Recently we have been registered as an ISA best practice school in order for our experience to be disseminated worldwide and have been re-accredited with the ISA.

International Links

Cardinal Allen High School has been successful in gaining the prestigious full International School Award. To gain the award global development issues have been integrated throughout our formal curriculum in order that our students develop into more informed, responsible global citizens with skills to work in a global economy. Recently we have been registered as an ISA best practice school in order for our experience to be disseminated worldwide and have been re-accredited with the ISA.

The success of our partnership has been recognised as instrumental with Cardinal Allen being awarded Eco schools Ambassador status, The Co Op green schools revolution regional award, The Blackpool Gazette Educational visits award and being a nominated finalist for the TES International Award 2014.

Birla High School

The partnership between Cardinal Allen and Birla started in 2009 following communication through connecting classrooms to embark on a water project. Both schools at the time were looking to further the remit of each schools Eco teams to incorporate an International dimension to their work. A successful whole school partnership involving a plethora of projects has now developed from this. Most of the students at each school are involved in the projects that are being undertaken with all students at each school being aware of this partnership.

This has been aided through the involvement of visiting students as part of the student exchanges that have been running concurrently with the staff visits for 4 years now- No mean feat for an 11-16 state secondary school.
Our partnership recently expanded to a 6 school cluster Shakespeare Primary School Fleetwood, St Williams Primary School Pilling, Birla High School Senior Section Kolkata, Birla High School Junior Section Kolkata and Shushilla Girls' School Kolkata all working on a project 'Living Together'.

Currently we are working on 2 projects - Women in Society - A project to highlight the issues of Gender Inequality in our societies and Incubation to Innovation - A project to develop entrepeneurship in our students. Staff from both schools have recently attended  showcased this patnership at a conference in New Delhi to schools from all around the world.

Tumaini House School Kenya

Our Links with Tumaini House School Kenya have blossomed this year with students from both schools skyping each other on a regular basis. Students from both schools are currently working on projects to highlight the issues of and to reduce the effects of global warming. A Skype discussion between the students from both schools on the issues of water in our communities was recently broadcast on BBC Northwest Tonight. Peace groups have been established to help our students understand different cultures so helping towards peaceful communities in our countries.

ISA Assessors report 2017

This is an exemplary application reflecting whole-school commitment to developing global citizenship. The international dimension is firmly embedded ithe curriculum, staff professional development and the school's whole ethos. Your partnership with a school in Calcutta provides a springboard for your students to consider and act upon quite weighty global themes in collaboration with their peers in India (eg. looking at inequality via arts and literature based projects, and making environmental and ecological developments via a joint project based on water consumption). Your ambitious plans to develop a cross-continental partnership will ensure the future sustainability and development of your internationalism. Your international activities are impressive in their volume and creative content, covering a range of subject areas and age groups. They clearly enrich the curriculum and contribute to improving educational and learning outcomes. Your ambassadorial role in promoting, supporting and leading the international dimension with local schools is firmly established. Your impact evaluation is detailed and reflective, highlighting the positive effect on your students, educators and local community members. For example, your students have an increased awareness of global issues via their collaboration with partners in India, and your staff are now benefitting from the Connecting Classrooms training programmes. Congratulations on your International School Award Re-Accreditation.