Eco School

Eco School

We hold 6 full Green Flag awards and are in the process at the moment of reapplying for our 7th green flag. We have held the Blackpool Gazette sustainable schools award for the last 3 years.

Our School has become a beacon for sustainability. We are an Eco Schools Legacy Ambassador school having held Eco schools Ambassador Status from 2014-2016 (one of a handful of schools in the country to achieve this status. We are currently waiting for the Ambassador role review to be completed. We hold 6 full Green Flag awards and are in the process at the moment of reapplying for our 7th green flag. We have held the Blackpool Gazette sustainable schools award for the last 3 years.

Our grounds boast a woodland containing bat and bird boxes, hedgehog nests, bug hotels and an outdoor classroom. An environmental corridor links the other woodlands in Fleetwood to encourage bats has been developed. Hedges have been planted around the school play areas and boundaries by the students to encourage greater biodiversity to our grounds. Our award winning gardens, home to our guinea pigs and our allotment area provide food for our school canteen. Recently we have planted an orchard to increase the biodiversity of our grounds and encourage our local Bee population. All these areas are maintained by our students!

All students entering our school will be offered cycle safety instruction and can wear blazers made from recycled plastic bottles. A love of animals is nurtured by students looking after our school Guinea Pigs.

Local Schools Eco Cluster

Locally, we drive Eco issues by hosting a large cluster of 13 local schools. Coordinated activities include an Eco conference, an Eco-Science fair, an Eco fashion show, litter picks and an energy saving competition. This year we are again taking many of the schools in our cluster on environmental trips to Beacon fell and Stannah country parks, our woodland and The Museum of Science and industry Manchester. Our Global warriors (CAFOD, Eco and Fairtrade groups) deliver sustainability assemblies throughout Lancashire. We led a multi school beach clean for the Clean for the Queen event involving hundreds of children. Earlier this year we were shown on Sky news in an article showing the success of the carrier bag charge reducing plastic beach litter by 80%.

Our water day Skype discussion with our partner school in  Kenya was featured on BBC North West Tonight. The day also involved water workshops, a water walk and an evening concert at a St Wulstans church.
We have hosted an Eco-Schools roadshow, an event that helps teachers run the Eco-Schools programme effectively in their schools We are currently developing our school grounds to make them more Bee friendly as part of the ‘Bee lines’ project by planting an orchard and incorporating a bee hive onto our allotment.


We are actively working to protect the dwindling population of Britain’s pollinating insects. Four of the schools from our Eco cluster were selected for the UK-wide ‘Polli:Nation’  programme. , Students from Cardinal Allen High School, St Marys Primary School, St Wulstans and St Edmunds Primary school and Shakespeare Primary school are transforming their outdoor spaces to become pollinator-friendly habitats, with the support of the national school grounds charity, Learning through Landscapes.

At Cardinal Allen this has started by the planting of a 30 tree orchard in our schools Quad area. As well as enhancing our environment these trees will provide a plentiful supply of Apples, Pears, Plums, Damsens, Quince and Mulberries for our students. Areas of the grounds will be planted with insect friendly wild flowers in the autumn.

Local Community Eco work

Our Eco group also work closely with the Wyre Ranger Service, Willows Garden trust, Wyre Disability centre, Fleetwood Memorial Park, Fleetwood in bloom and North Fylde Rotary club to enhance our local environment. If you would like us to get involved with any local environmental issues or projects please contact Mr Harding at school.