CAFCA (Cardinal Allen Family and Community Association) is the parental voice forum of Cardinal Allen High School. CAFCA organises numerous family functions during the year and as a consequence raises much needed funds that benefit the students of Cardinal Allen High School.

Recent CAFCA functions/beneficiaries

Recent events include:
School Discos, Murder mystery evening, Shopping trips, OAP Christmas party, Barbecue and family sports evening, Ladies night, Lakeland and Yorkshire Dales trips.
Recent Beneficiaries include:
Merit awards,Form rep and school council member Badges, School club membership badges, sports award evening, Sports team kits, Sports Hall Defibrillator, Chaplaincy garden/ allotment/ woodland maintenance, Guinea pigs, Form Prayer boxes, Drama studio sound system upgrade, Literature texts, Community Christmas tree, Play area benches, Chess sets for the chess club, Fleetwood Christmas lights.

Parental voice

All meetings centre around a parental voice item. These discussions aid school policy review.
Recent discussions include Behaviour, Uniform, Child Sexual Exploitation, Healthy Eating, Educational Visits.


CAFCA needs your involvement! We need current parents to become involved in any way they can. You will be contributing greatly to the school and your child’s education. You will be very welcome!!    

Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each half term 6-7pm in PE1. Children are welcome at these meetings.
For further details/ to raise an issue you wish to be discussed at CAFCA meetings contact Mr Harding at school (Tel. no. 872659) or email