Staff List

Title Initial Second Name Job Title
Mrs J Abra Business Manager 
Mr P Holmes IT Manager
Miss V Atanasova Cleaner
Mr S Argent Assistant Site Supervisor
Mr A Ball Teacher of Science
Mrs C Bateman Head of Lower School and Teacher of Religious Education
Mrs J Boughton HLTA 
Mr J Bradley Teacher of History
Mrs R Brindle Lead Teacher of Science 
Mr A Bolton DT & Site Technician
Miss A Brown Head of Upper School and Teacher of Geography
Mrs A Buchanan Pastoral Assistant
Mr L Cadwallader Wyre & Fylde Schools Sports Partnership and School Games Organiser
Mr A Cafferkey Headteacher
Mrs L Saltariche Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of English
Mrs G Callaghan Science Technician 
Mrs N Cardwell SEND Support Manager
Mrs A Chorley Attendance Officer 
Miss D Clarke HR & Finance Manager
Mr N Clayton Teacher of Computer Science
Miss L Clover Welfare & Cleaner
Miss A Clover Cleaner
Mrs D Crowley Teaching Assistant 
Mr M Davis Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Science 
Mrs J Olver-Duffy Teacher of Art 
Mrs K Duggan Teacher of English
Mrs N Eccles Associate Assistant Head
Mr A Thomason Site Manager
Mrs J English Cleaning Superviser 
Mr T Farrington Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Maths
Miss E Frain Reprographics
Ms M Gianfrancesco Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Glaister Curriculum Leader of Art 
Miss J Hammill HLTA and Intervention Coordinator 
Mr A Harding Community Coordinator 
Miss L Holland Teacher of Religious Education
Mrs H Moran Teacher of MFL
Mr S Henderson Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader for Maths
Mrs S White Teacher of Child Development, Maths and Science
Mrs A Hilton Teacher of English
Mrs S Hodge Teacher of Maths 
Mrs K Holme Pastoral Assistant
Mrs A Horan Curriculum Leader of Design Technology & Teacher of Cooking & Nutrition
Mr I Horvath Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs R Hoy Curriculum Leader of Science
Miss E McLeod Cleaner
Miss L Kennedy Office Administrator 
Mr N Kerray Curriculum Leader of PE and Sport
Mr P King Design Technology Technician 
Miss K Mason Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs L O'Connor Careers Advice & Guidance
Mrs J McMahon Teacher of History
Mrs C Neave Design Technology Technician 
Mrs J Pounds Lead Teacher of Religious Education
Miss E Palser Teacher of Geography
Mrs C Orwin Curriculum Leader of PSHCE and Teacher of PE 
Mrs K Parkinson Office Administrator 
Mrs J Patisso Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr E Robinson Curriculum Leader of Design Technology
Miss A Ronson Curriculum Leader of Music 
Miss L Roughsedge Teacher of Maths 
Mrs T Savage Pastoral Assistant 
Mr R Shah Teacher of Maths 
Ms S Shields Office Administrator 
Mrs S Simpson Lead Teacher of Maths 
Mrs S Slack Teaching Assistant 
Miss H Roles Catering Assistant
Miss C Smith SENDCO and Teacher of English 
Mrs C Haughton Teaching Assistant
Mr J Johnson LRC Centre Manager
Mrs N Snelling Lead Teacher of English 
Mrs T Sales Headteacher's PA 
Mrs J Carey Pastoral Assistant
Mr D Sutcliffe Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of Geography
Mrs H Swatton Exams & Data Manager
Mrs F Swift Curriculum Leader of English 
Mrs C Thorpe Teaching Assistant
Mr K Walker Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs J Walsh Pastoral Assistant 
Miss E Webster Teaching Assistant 
Mrs K Wilson Curriculum Leader of Religious Education
Miss R Winkley Lead Teacher of Science 
Mr P Winrow Curriculum Leader for Computing
Miss A Wright Cleaner
Miss S English Office & Cover Manager
Miss K Ewen Welfare & Cleaner
Mrs J Stanney Science Technician
Mr J Winstanley Curriculum Leader for Modern Foreign Languages
Miss L Roberts Curriculum Leader for Drama
Miss N Burder Catering Assistant
Miss N Ferguson Teacher of Science
Miss A Marsden Teacher of English
Mrs M Ingham Finance Assistant
Miss K Boardman Cleaner
Miss J Burder Catering Assistant and Cleaner
Mrs G Gibson Cleaner
Mrs K Houghton Catering Manager
Miss T Langford Cleaner
Mrs S Morton Chaplain
Mrs H Schofield Assistant Catering Manager
Mrs N Parker Catering Assistant
Miss S Stockton Cleaner and Welfare
Mrs J Summers Cleaner
Mrs J Wood Catering Assistant
Mrs K Atha Teacher of English
Mrs J Broten Cleaner
Mrs C Mabela Attendance Officer
Mrs C Shanagar Teacher of Science
Miss L Stazka Teacher of Geography
Mr A Willingham Teacher of Maths
Miss H Wright Inclusion Room Manager