Year 11 GCSE Examinations take place during May & June each academic year. The examinations take place in the Sports Hall and are supervised by a team of external exam invigilators, overseen by the Exams Officer, Miss McGovern. Pupils and parents are provided with information on exams at the start of Year 11, and all documentation is available on the school website.

Year 11 pupils take part in two mock exam weeks, one in December and one in March. These are not only essential to the ongoing assessment process, but give pupils valuable exam hall practise prior to the actual GCSE exams in the Summer term. Pupils requiring special arrangements in exams are accommodated in a quiet room, access to which is granted on the basis of meeting certain criteria and in conjunction with our SENCO.

Year 10 internal examination week takes place in May. Pupils take exams in all subjects and the results of these form an essential part of the ongoing assessment process at Key Stage 4. Year 9 pupils take internal examinations in May, giving them their first experience of the exam hall environment.

If you have any questions or concerns with regards to examinations, please contact Miss McGovern, Examinations, Data & Cover Manager, via the school office or on c.mcgovern@cardinalallen.co.uk

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