Common Questions and Answers

What subjects will I study?

All pupils follow a similar curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 which provides a broad and balanced education in creative, practical and academic subjects. Subjects include Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, a Modern Foreign Language, Design Technology, Art, Music, and Physical Education. In Year 7 we provide an amended pathway for those pupils who would benefit from additional support in English and Mathematics, ensuring that their transition to Cardinal Allen is a success.

There is lots of variety and the 5 lessons studied one day will not be the same as the 5 lessons the next.

What clubs are available?

Lots of extra-curricular activities are available from guinea pig club to a wide range of activities such as Rugby, Badminton and Trampolining.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Will I get homework?

Homework is an essential part of the learning process and pupils who fail to complete homework regularly will not achieve their potential. All pupils are expected to develop the ability to extend and organise their own work, to search for information and to solve problems independently. The amount of time we expect to be devoted to homework is approximately three hours each week in Year 7

Students access their homework tasks through Class Charts.  It is visible on both the parent and student apps. If homework is not set in line with the published timetable, please bring it to our attention.

Tackling bullying

At Cardinal Allen we understand many new students worry about bullying or friendship issues. As part of our continued support to ensure all students feel safe and supported in our school we have older students trained as Anti- bullying Mentors. Their role is to be available around school for younger students to approach with any concerns they have. They are identified by wearing a gold star badge. Mentors will be available at form time and throughout break and lunches. The mentors will present assembly’s to the younger students with full information on their work.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy can be found on our policies page.

What food is available?

At break time there is the opportunity to purchase a snack and drinks in the school hall. At the break the Canteen Staff are able to take orders for lunchtime. Lunchtime menus change weekly and are displayed on the noticeboard outside the Deputy Headteacher’s Office. Pasta pots and sandwiches are available daily.

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