GCSE Teacher Assessed Grades 2012

A great deal of effort and rigour has gone into formulating the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs). Throughout the process, the national governing body JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) has scrutinised the school’s methods and systems and all aspects have been fully approved with regards to fairness and thoroughness. However, we do understand that some students may disagree with the grades awarded and so we have set up a method for appeals that complies with JCQ regulations. If pupils genuinely feel grades are not accurate and believe they have significant evidence to support their argument, then they are invited to follow the appeals process detailed in this news item.

More Information

Please follow the process below and complete the forms as required.  Please save and email your form to results@cardinalallen.co.uk

Appeals Stage 1 (Interactive Form)
Appeals Stage 2 (Interactive Form)