Creative Computing

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Course Overview: Creative Computing

Creative Computing is studied at KS3 and forms part of the Technology carousel.  Students will discover how to use technology in a creative way and how to create a range of work that is suited to audience and purpose.  They will also develop technologically creative skills that can be used across a range of subject areas and situations, both in and out of school.

Year 7 & 8

Students will spend a number of weeks studying the following units of work in either year 7 or year 8.

Sound Manipulation
Students will learn how sound is digitized and stored on computers. They will learn basic sound editing techniques and how to add sound effects and mix tracks. They will then undertake a creative project to analyse, plan, record and edit a short sound file. This could take the form of a radio advertisement or a short podcast.

Video Creation
In this unit, students will be using video editing software to create a tv advertisement for a local animal shelter. The advert is to increase awareness for the animals that are in need and to encourage people to donate money so that the shelter can fund all the good work that it does. Students will be using Serif Movie Plus to create the advert by compiling images, videos and an audio commentary as a group, that is professional in appearance, would be fit for purpose and appeal to the target audience.

Animation Production
In this unit, students will learn how to create 2D animation using Serif Draw Plus, an image and an animation software package. Students learn the basics of the application interface (e.g. the tools and functions available) along with the techniques of creating character animation using both stop frame and key-frame techniques.

Key Stage 3

Half Term 1

Animation Production

  • Animation
  • Bouncing Ball
  • Stick Figure
  • Aquarium
  • Aquatic Animals
  • Design-ecard

Half Term 2

  • Build e-Card
  • Review e-Card
  • Assessment
  • Feedback and Directed Improvement Time

Sound Editing

  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Effects

Half Term 3

  • Audio Story
  • Plan Radio Advert
  • Create Radio Advert
  • Review radio Advert
  • Assessment
  • Feedback and Directed Improvement Time