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Course Overview: Construction

WJEC Constructing and The Built Environment level 1/2 Award.

Constructing the Built Environment Level 1 / 2 Award (QAN - 601/0543/4) is designed to support learners in developing an awareness of construction. It mainly supports learners in schools and colleges who want to learn about the construction industry from the build perspective. It provides learners with a broad introduction to the different trades involved in the sector and the types of career opportunities available. This is a hands on practical course but it does still have some written assessment.

Year 9 Construction Transition Year

Half Term 1

Year 9 is the third year of Product design and a transition into the construction course which will be studied fully in the fourth and fifth years of the course.

  • Health & Safety
  • Jobs in construction
  • Basic carpentry skills

Half Term 2

More advanced Carpentry skills. Pupils will learn to cut the following.

  • Rebates
  • Lap joint
  • Bridle joint
  • Mortice and Tenon joint
  • Housing joint.

Enterprise projects, working for others, ethics.

Bird box project

Half Term 3

This half term is all about becoming independent in the workshop. Pupils will make a series of products for themselves and to sell as part of enterprise scheme.

Pupils will also have visits from CITB to explain apprentices in Construction

  • Maths skills will be developed this term

Half Term 4

Construction skills. Using previous skills pupils will produce a tiled table. Skills used will be.

  • Bridle joints
  • Mortice and tenon joints
  • Mouldings
  • Finishing
  • Tiling (Added later)

Half Term 5

How buildings are made.

Pupils will learn the basics of construction and learn about the following.

  • Sub structures
  • Super structures
  • Planning and ethics
  • Environmental considerations
  • Future proofing.

Half Term 6

Introduction to Tiling. Pupils will learn the following.

  • Where tiles are used.
  • Different types of tiles
  • Tools for tile cutting
  • Adhesives and grouts
  • H&S when tiling.

Course assessment and certificates for transition year.

Year 10 Construction and the built environment WJEC

Half Term 1

H&S in the construction industry expanded. This work is in preparation for the 1 hour online exam taken in yr 10. Topics covered.

  • Health and Safety Executive and their role in the construction industry.
  • Fire extinguisher and the law.
  • Risk assessments

Half Term 2

Electrical work.

  • Wiring a light
  • Wiring a switch
  • H&S in Electrical work.
  • Use of tools
  • Working on site
  • Final Electrical project. ( coursework)

Half Term 3

Tiling expanded. Recap of tiling and more advanced techniques.

  • Setting out tiles for wall and floor.
  • Cutting around pipes and boxes.
  • Coloured grouts
  • Working to an edge
  • Final Tiling piece. ( coursework)

Half Term 4

Health and safety exam preparation.  Mock exams and practise online exams.

Re cap of joinery skills and introduction to fitting hinges and locks.

Half Term 5

Task 1 Health and safety Exam. ) online)

After the exam pupils will start final joinery piece of a window frame.

  • Practise bridle joints and routing
  • Practise glazing.

Half Term 6

Window frame project.

  • Make a complete window frame
  • Glaze frame and fit mouldings.
  • Varnish frame.
  • This is a final project ( coursework)

Year 11

Half Term 1

Task 2 Coursework.

Write up how the three projects have been made.

Electrical, Tiling and Window frame. Prepare coursework for marking.

Half Term 2

Task 3 Planning construction projects. This is a two hour on line exam in May. Pupils will study

  • Planning laws
  • Jobs in the construction of a building
  • Quantity surveying
  • Health and safety
  • Logistics of a build

Half Term 3

Task 3 Planning construction projects. This is a two hour on line exam in May. Pupils will study

  • Planning laws
  • Jobs in the construction of a building
  • Quantity surveying
  • Health and safety
  • Logistics of a build

Half Term 4

Continue preparation for the exam. Pupils will also make a tool box to take with them ready to use on site or at college.

Course Components

The award is made up of three units:

  1. Practical construction ( 50%); pupils will learn how to carry out a variety of construction tasks, these include Carpentry, Tiling and Electrical work. Pupils will also carry out a small amount of practical plumbing.

After practicing these skills in year 10 pupils will carry out three practical pieces of work which will be marked. These pieces include:

Wiring a single switch to a single bulb.
Tiling a 1 m2 area.
Making a complete window frame.

Once complete students will write up a description of how they have completed their work.

  1. Designing and construction (25%); during this unit pupils will be asked to plan a build of a small building. They will be asked to cost the project and plan the build in the correct order.

  2. Health and Safety in Construction (25%); Pupils will take a 1 hour on-line exam in year 10. This exam will test them on the role of Health and Safety in the construction Industry.

Course Information

Course Name: Constructing The Built Environment
Qualification Type: Level 1/2 Award
Awarding Body: WJEC
Qualification code: 601/0543/4

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