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Product Design


Design and Technology (Product Design) is an inspiring, rigorous, practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems. They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science and engineering. Pupils study a wide range of materials and technologies including new and emerging technology. Pupils learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens. High-quality design and technology education makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of the nation.

Product Design

Through a variety of creative and practical activities, pupils are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in the process of designing and making. Pupils will apply science and mathematics when designing and making products. All projects will reflect the modern fast moving world of technology. Pupils will be encouraged to use a wide range of design and making methods including Computer Aided design, lazer cutting, 3D printing and programmable chips.

Year 7/8

Pupils will learn about the importance of safety in the workshop and the safe use of a wide range of tools and equipment. Pupils will make an automata which includes electronics, lazer cutting, 3D printing and mechanisms. Pupils will study the importance of environmental design and discover the importance of the circular economy when designing. Pupils will take part in several challenges which encourage independent thinking and the need to learn from mistakes in order to become a competent problem solver.

Within other areas of D&T pupils will learn how to create electronic circuits using components and how to apply Lazer imaging to their products. Pupils will use Computer Aided Design to create original designs which can be produced on both 3D printers and lazer cutters.

Pupils will learn to design for others by using real life scenarios.

Year 9

During this course pupils will apply skills from years 7&8 in order to solve a range of problems. Pupils will be introduced to the fascinating and exciting world of Smart materials which will include the role of Bio Mimicry in modern Design. Products will be made from a range of materials including polypropylene, quantum tunneling composite and live edge Acrylic. More time will be spent developing 3D design skills.

GCSE Product Design

Pupils will study all elements of designing and making products. The course allows pupils to work in a wide range of materials including, woods, metals, plastics, composites, smart and modern materials including electronics and textiles. Pupils will develop their skills in both computer aided design and computer aided manufacture. Using 3D design packages they will design, model and edit products which can then be 3D printed or lazer cut. Pupils will also develop more traditional practical skills which will allow then to make a wide range of challenging projects. The design process will be under pinned by applying appropriate scientific and mathematical skills.

Course Componets

The GCSE course is assessed by 50% final exam and 50% design and make coursework. Year 10 pupils will work on a series of projects which will develop both their design and making skills.

Projects will include

Material and Practical skills development; by working with a wide range of materials and tools / equipment pupils will develop and practice their workshop skills.

Electronics; this element of the course will give pupils the skills needed to confidently design and make both traditional component based circuits and programmable chips.

Computer aided design; pupils will continue to develop their designing skills including the use of a variety of 3D design packages.

Computer aided manufacture; pupils will become confident in their use of 3D printing and lazer cutting.

Problem solving; good design needs good problem solving. Through a series of challenges pupils will learn to take risks and understand that mistakes and failure can be used positively when trying to solve original problems.

During year 11 pupils will be set a piece of coursework by the exam board. This project will require pupils to research, develop and make an original project which meets a specific need.

The exam will test pupils understanding of materials, processes and environmental issues related to designing and making. All exams will include the application of science and mathematics.


After school clubs are provided for keen students who wish to stretch their abilities. Catch up and support is also offered on a one to one basis where necessary. Some of the support sessions, clubs and activities offered are:

  • STEM Engineering club
  • 3D printing Club
  • Young Enterprise
  • Brunel award competition
  • Yr 11 Coursework club


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