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Key Skills


During the Key Skills lessons pupils will follow the ASDAN Personal Development Programmes. Pupils will often choose this course alongside Vocational Studies, Study Plus or both to maximise their potential for gaining accreditation. As with other ASDAN courses pupils will complete modules to gain credits, allowing them to manage their own learning independently. Pupils will be encouraged to achieve all they can.

Pupils will be placed into a small group setting creating a supportive environment that allows them to grow in confidence and independence.

GCSE Key Skills

Pupils complete challenges and keep evidence in a portfolio to help them develop and recognise the following key skills that will be invaluable in life outside the education system. These skills will all help when pupils start work and begin to live independent lives: Teamwork, Learning, Coping with Problems, Use of Maths, English and ICT.

Course Components

Pupils will select various challenges to complete credits, they will receive one credit for every ten hours work completed. They can gain a certificate for as little as 10 hours work with Bronze Credits (10-59 hours), moving on to a Bronze Certificate (60-119 hours) through to Silver (120-179 hours) then Gold (180+ hours).

Pupils achieving Gold could also use some of the credits towards a Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE award).

Pupils can choose challenges from twelve modules depending on their interests, these modules are as follows;


The Community

Sport and Leisure

Home Management

The Environment

Number Handling

Health and Survival

World of Work

Science and Technology

The Wider World

Expressive Arts

Beliefs and Values

There would be an expectation for pupils to complete work at home, particularly for the higher level certificates.


After school clubs are provided for keen students who wish to stretch their abilities. Catch up and support is also offered on a one to one basis where necessary. Some of the support sessions, clubs and activities offered are:

  • Lunchtime sessions available daily for pupils.


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