Cardinal Allen
Catholic High School

Fair Trade

Cardinal Allen was the first Fairtrade school in the country and is proud of its link with the Fairtrade movement. Our aim is to educate pupils, staff, parents and friends of the school about the benefits of Fairtrade to the developing world.

What is Fairtrade?

Millions of farmers depend on selling their crops to survive, but when prices drop it can spell disaster. If farmers earn less than it costs to run their farm, they face real hardship. Fairtrade makes sure that farmers and producer organisations get a fair and stable price for their products to help them support their families and invest in a better future.

What is a Fairtrade school?

It is a school that is committed to Fairtrade. This means:

  • It uses Fairtrade products as much as possible;
  • It learns about how global trade works and why Fairtrade is important;
  • It takes action for Fairtrade in the school and the wider community.

Fairtrade... for pupils and students

  • helps to develop new skills;
  • has a positive influence on the school community;
  • is part of something that's happening all over the country and around the world;
  • is fun!

Fairtrade... for teachers

  • provides opportunities to enhance many areas of the curriculum and explore citizenship from a global perspective;
  • gives pupils an opportunity to participate and take responsibility for their decisions;
  • encourages critical thinking, and offers opportunities for challenge and confidence building;
  • contributes to 'Every Child Matters' and 'Education for Sustainable Development' (England and Wales).


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