Cardinal Allen
Catholic High School

Foundation Statement

Cardinal Allen is a Catholic and comprehensive school founded to serve the families and parishes of the north Fylde in the diocese of Lancaster. The declared aims of the School are to foster a growth and commitment to the love and service of Christ through the teachings, doctrines and practise of the Catholic Church and to be a Christ-centred community in which relationships are marked by that genuine spirit of care which is present in the Christian family.

The School believes that the education and formation of our children is a responsibility shared by parent, teacher and the Church. Whilst we recognise that the parents are the primary educators of their children, the personal influence of the teacher is of great significance during and beyond school days, for the growing child reflects the influence of those who care for and teach him or her. We accept the fact that such formation is present in all aspects of the School's life - the approach to every task, every aspect of teaching and learning, every form of order, discipline and control, every relationship

The School willingly accepts its responsibility to provide opportunities for the formation of each person in the community through the mission of integrating human development and the values of Christ:

  • believing that all life and human talents are gifts from God and that we are all formed in the image of Christ;
  • recognising the need of all individuals for growth and development irrespective of circumstance, gender, race or ability;
  • communicating the Christian message of love and service, and values of justice, acceptance, tolerance, respect and friendship;
  • creating a secure, caring, Christian and happy environment;
  • providing opportunities for work and learning that give a sense of satisfaction, achievement and self-respect;
  • developing the necessary life-skills of communication, creativity, problem solving, decision-making, as well as the informational framework that will prepare individuals for life in the 21st century.


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