Head Boy / Girl Application

Please complete this "on-line" application form to apply for Head Boy/Head Girl. Make sure you complete all the fields in the application form and provide a statement explaining your suitability for the position in no more than 600 words.

Application Instructions:

  • Click on the ApplicationForm link below;
  • Add your details to the form;
  • Check that your information is correct, once submitted you cannot change your application;
  • Once complete click Submit.

Applications close at 1pm on the 18th September 2020

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Head Boy / Girl Application Form

Supplementary Information

The head boy and girl are role models for all pupils. Although not exclusively, pupils with excellent records of behavior, attendance, punctuality, and personal appearance are frequently suitable candidates. Typically, the Head Boy and Girl will enjoy working with and talking to younger students and are able to build good working relationships with staff. The Head Boy and Girl usually want to make a lasting impact at our school and be involved in decision making.

Qualities for Senior Prefects/Head Boy/Head Girl.

  • Good public speaking/able to lead assemblies.
  • Ability to motivate other students, particularly your peer group.
  • Good organisational and communication skills and have a mature and thoughtful outlook.
  • Leadership and teamwork skills as well as being responsible and reliable.
  • Confidence to talk to both parents and staff appropriately when representing yourself, our school and other students.

Selection Process

  1. Pupils complete an “on-line” application form; pupils will be able to complete this in a time window (ie it will close);
  • The pupils do this via Office 365 hence ensuring the application is from the actual applicant;
  • There is a word limit of 600 words (i.e. this equates to one side of A4) Once closed, applications will be viewable online and it will also be possible to download them;
  1. The applications are shared between the Progress Leaders for Year 10 & Year 11 and the DHT Pastoral Leader. Some applications may be “knocked-out” by this process;
  2. Pupils are interviewed by a panel (ACA + Pastoral Staff);
  3. Candidates deemed suitable for a senior role then pitch to the Year Group for the actual posts of Head Boy & Head Girl. In Year 11 Assembly on 28th September, 2020.